The surfing map along the Tango peninsula National Route 178 丹後半島国道178号線沿いのサーフィン地図NOTE 注意事項Maiko surfer 舞妓サーファー

Do you know that the Sea of Japan is in Kyoto?

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Kyoto is one of the foremost destinations in the world for travelers.
However most visitors who come to Kyoto City are completely unaware of the vast beauty within Kyoto as a prefecture.
As a result most of the greatest destinations in Kyoto are unvisited.
We think that if visitors were to become more aware of those little known areas within Kyoto, it would lead to a revitalization within those areas.


Kyoto towards the Tango area,touching its nature and surf

Travelers from all over the world come to Kyoto City every year for a good reason. Kyoto City is huge and full of historical sites, great restaurants, and tons to do. It's worth visiting at least once in your life.

The Tango region is located along the Sea of Japan, at the most northern area of Kyoto Prefecture, which is about two hours by car from Kyoto City.

people who do surfing. サーフィンをする人たち

The Tango Peninsular, this area includes Amano-hashidate,one of the three most beautiful sites in Japan. Also Funaya-gun (boat houses) in Ine, and Kotohikihama Beach famous for naki-suna (singing sand which produces sound when stepped on).

The coastline in the Tango Peninsula has expansive with beautiful scenery and full of valuable geological conditions.
There are many surf points. Hacchohama and Kotohikihama are the best spots on this stretch. Both have beautiful white-sand beaches, and excellent surf.

The Tango region is vastly different from the general image of Kyoto, with wonderful natures including great surf points along the Sea of Japan.

Tango Peninsula has been approved as to be included into the San'in-Kaigan Geopark, and has also been appointed as San'in-Kaigan National Park and as Tango-Amanohashidate-Oeyama Quasi-National Park.

Three photographs of the Tango Peninsular. 丹後半島の風景写真3枚

Route 178, we call SURF HIGHWAY 178

Do you ....?
route 178 sign 国道178号線道路標識

Ask any keen surfer what the Tango areas has to offer, and most will talk about the wonderful surf breaks along the 110km coastline.

There are many surf spots on Surf Highway 178. Mostly these spots start working from late September to March.
The peak season is November to February, when you can surf almost every day, but you've got to be prepared, for the water is cold! Come and meet the local Samurai type freaks hanging out there!!

Whilst surfing along highway 178 is the main attraction you'll meet a diverse range of people, visit fascination places and enjoy various other activities that make this area of Tango so unique.
Surf Highway 178 means something different to everyone who cruises its length between Kumihama and Maizuru, and with its myriad of beaches, is the epitome of coastal Japanese diversity and fascination. Visitors can enjoy a delicious food gathered from the mountains and the Sea of Japan, hot springs, (Tango region is the largest hot spring resort in Kyoto Prefecture), a variety of local products which have been produced by the weather, climate, and industrial techniques, and so on.

Surf Highway 178 is ideal for surfing and sightseeing also an invigorating stroll highlighted by sea breezes that originate in endless ocean depths.


Three photographs of the route 178. 国道178号上の風景写真3枚